About Us


Of the more than 350 known species of parrots, nearly 100 are threatened in wild. Popular as pets, many are captured for the wild bird trade or suffer from hunting or loss of habitat. Each species is an integral part of their environment and the extinction of even a single species is a sad and permanent loss to us all.

Due to their popularity as pets, millions of parrots also share our homes. Their challenging physical and mental needs are often misunderstood; their individual well-being suffering as a result.

Our objectives:

For these reasons the objectives of the World Parrot Trust are to promote the survival of all parrot species in the wild and to advocate for the welfare of individual birds in our homes.

We pursue these goals though efforts in conservation, research, and education and believe that by improving our understanding of wild and captive parrots, we are better prepared to develop and implement solutions for their well-being and survival.

Your support enables us to complete our aims:
  • Restore and protect populations of wild parrots and their native habitats
  • Promote awareness of the threats to all parrots, captive and wild
  • Help end the trade in wild-caught parrots
  • Educate the public on high standards for the care and breeding of parrots
  • Encourage links between conservation and 'responsible aviculture'
'Responsible aviculture' is a concept where the parrots themselves are given priority over commercial, political, career or other human concerns. The World Parrot Trust and its members wish to be recognized as the 'True Friends of the Parrots', and to encourage the majority of aviculturists, pet owners and scientists to adopt this reasonable point of view.

With thousands of members in over 50 countries, the World Parrot Trust works to aid the preservation of wild parrots and enhance the well-being of pet parrots everywhere.

"If man can save the parrots, he may yet save himself"
Mike Reynolds, World Parrot Trust Founder