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Sam received support from the World Parrot Trust to research the Yellow-Shouldered Amazons on Bonaire.

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December 07 2012

Where to begin, let’s start with HELP!

by Sam Williams


Yes yes it's been too long and goodness there's an awful lot to tell you dear reader. I can't even begin to explain it all right now so this may well just become a list of all the things I need to tell you about, soon. I promise!

First two new baby parrots and oh heck it's terrible. We couldn't believe it. One has probably had his leg broken for him and he'll never be right, unlike his namesake Forest Gump. His brother Bubba is marginally better but dramatically underdeveloped. As in, he's about where we'd expect him to be at two months of age but he's actually five months old.

We were in the process of setting up an adoption program, that is to say I was thinking about it. So now Forest and Bubba are here we've thrown that together as quick as we could because we haven't got spare funds to care for them properly. That means poor old Monty has lost out because Bubba is up for adoption instead of him. Please please take a look and help these little scruffs out.

So that's our new microsite. Have I mentioned our other new online thingy - the tree mapping website? Oh dear, or the trails website? I really ought to blog more often. Both of those are aimed at getting more people out into nature. The latter is only just related to parrots but as we are out and about anyway we thought we should put it together as there wasn't one on Bonaire. We also made a Facebook page if you fancy it. I'll dig out the links next time, but right now there's a bit too much to sort out, especially with the new chicks.

Before these latest additions we had already rescued a chick from this year, Ville named her Freya (something about Nordic mythology). Not long after her "Our Bryan" another chick in need of help arrived. So all in we're up to four chicks now.

We're not only collecting them though. We have done two more releases and although they were very different, they were both successful. Worry not dear reader, I do have pictures. I just need a moment and the alignment of the internet planets, so that I might be able to post them. Many of friends are now flying free. King Arthur, and the New Year's Eve or was it New Year's Day twins are out. All of them had badly clipped wings but they are strong flyers now. So that's nearly a year that we've been looking after them, and actually more than a year for King Arthur. Are you in any doubt as to why they need your support?

The wonderful Cheryl Rutherford has created a new logo for Echo. And it's a donation don't ya know! She's great! Our first logo "The Happy Parrot" was a design Cheryl had made for T shirts. I went on to butcher it into a logo. But this new one, we all love it and we hope you do too. I'll tell you about all those nice arty details next time.

Of course you know Fat Sally is back and working out. She's a real character and it's going to be challenge to get her to be a parrot again, that is one that can fly. It might be easier starting with a Rhinoceros.

Bruce and Thatcher in the rehab continue to be little devils. We had another broken bird, Goliath a 400g champion with a broken wing. He healed and flew off back into the wild.

There were several days where the released parrots didn't come in for food. This followed some rain so we we not too worried. Anyway now they are back and we're happy to see more happy healthy free flying parrots, hoorah.

And then we had two great guys visiting from Puerto Rico. It was an exchange visit so we could all learn from the other's work. I can't wait to get over to see their incredible work.

What else could there be… grant writing, hmm something more exciting, oh yes Michaela has been dragging the team through the spiky trees in search of other parrot nests. They found more bees in what could have been parrot nests. We already have a lot of them to move. Luckily honey is yummy! We're planning our first fenced area and the nursery is full of nice trees ready for the planting. When out checking nests we found a Hoba tree, which is locally rare. There were loads of seeds on the ground so we collected about 200 and just about every seed germinated. Even ones that were left in the plastic bag. So why don't we see any seedlings in the wild? Hello Billy Goat, Hello Donkey! We also had visitors from the Netherlands who have developed a parrot population simulation. We're looking forward to working with them more to improve the predictions of what the population might do but also because the simulation is going to be used here in the local high school.

Yes well, like I thought there is much to come back to and explain properly but at least now dear reader you'll have an idea what on earth this new website and logo are about and that we haven't just been on the moon for the last few months.

I look forward to telling you more soon. I hope that even after reading this rapidly written and not reviewed report you're also looking forward to that too, until then….

Posted by Sam Williams on 12/07 at 07:33 AM
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