About Us

The CWPT was founded in 1992 and operates in collaboration with the 10 other national branches of the Trust. As an independent partner, the CWPT engages in its own activities and, from time to time, works alongside the World Parrot Trust for certain projects to advance the objectives of the CWPT. The CWPT utilizes its relationship with the World Parrot Trust to strengthen its presence in the parrot conservation and welfare communities. A separate board of directors, whom reside within Canada, governs the CWPT.

Our Mission
The Canadian World Parrot Trust is dedicated to saving parrots and will become a leader in their conservation and welfare by inspiring people to take action on behalf of parrots in the wild and in captivity

Our Vision
We will provide leadership for people to participate in saving parrots through developing and supporting research, education, conservation and habitat preservation programs.

Our Values
Commitment - We will strive to achieve our vision for the benefit of parrots.
Education - We will provide quality education and education materials to our membership and the public to further the vision of the CWPT; to aid in a better understanding of conservations issues and to aid in the well being of parrots in captivity
Excellence - We will provide the highest quality of service to our membership and the public for the benefit of parrots.
Trust - We will demonstrate openness and honesty in all our actions and will be accountable in said actions.
Communication - We will exchange ideas freely for the benefit of parrots.
Innovation - We will be a catalyst for new and promising solutions to parrot conservation issues.
Teamwork - We will work with concerned individuals for the benefit of parrots.
Sustainability - We will follow sustainable and 'green' practices in our daily operations.
Cooperation - We will work cooperatively with other organizations where common goals overlap