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Green-rumped Parrotlet  (Forpus passerinus)

Also Known As: Blue-winged Parrotlet, Common Parrotlet, Guiana Parrotlet (F.p. passerinus)

Green-Rumped Parrotlet perched

Credit: (c) Luiz Claudio Marigo |

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Parrots as Pets
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Care in Captivity
Pet Suitability:
Sweet and playful. Can become possessive of toys and people. Novel items may alarm them, so slow introduction of new toys is essential.

Captive Status:
Becoming more common.

25 yrs

Outdoor or indoor enclosure, minimum length 1.2m (4 ft).

Pelleted diet, supplemented with calcium (via cuttlebone or drops); fruits such as: apple, pear, orange, banana, kiwi, pomegranate, etc; vegetables such as: carrot, corn, celery, peas in the pod, green beans and green leaves; seed mix including: millet, safflower, buckwheat, oats and limited sunflower; millet spray; seed grasses where available.

Bathing, socialization, swings, ropes, bird-safe chew toys (with pine or fir wood, or vegetable tanned leather), puzzle toys, foraging items.

Nest Box Size:
Vertical box, 6" x 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm x 15cm).

Clutch Size:
5 or 6

Incubation Time:
20-22 days

Fledging Age:
5 weeks

Hatch Weight:
Not available

Peak Weight:
Not available

Weaning Weight:
Not available

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