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Alexandrine Parakeet  

Also Known As: Alexandrine Ring-necked Parakeet, Greater Rose-ringed Parakeet, Great-billed Parakeet, Large Parakeet, Large Indian Parakeet (P.e. nipalensis), Large Ceylonese Parakeet (P.e. eupatria), Large Burmese Parakeet (P.e. avensis), Large Andaman Parakeet (P.e. magnirostris), Thai Rose-ringed Parakeet (P.e. siamensis)

Wild Alexandrian Parakeet perched on branch

Credit: © Ron Hoff

Did You Know?
One of the largest parakeets, the Alexandrine was named for Alexander the Great, who was rumoured to have one as a pet.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
58 cm (22.6 in) 250-260g (8.75-9.1 oz)

Races including nominate:
five: P.e. eupatria, P.e. nipalensis, P.e. magnirostris, P.e. avensis, P.e. siamensis

Colourization Adult:
P.e. eupatria: male-faint black strip from lores to eye; wide black stripe across lower cheeks; broad pink collar around hindneck; dark purple/red patch on inner secondary coverts. Thighs green/grey. Bill red. Eye pale yellow. Female-duller, with no black under cheeks. P.e nipalensis: both adults overall colour more grey/green; broader black stripe across lower cheeks; occiput and cheeks washed with blue; larger in size. P.e. magnirostris: male-thin blue stripe on hindneck above pink collar; brighter red spot on wing; larger in size; heavier bill. Female-as in eupatria, but larger bill. P.e. avensis: male-as in nipalensis, but thin blue stripe on hindneck, occasionally absent; neck and underparts more yellow/green; smaller bill. Female-as in nipalensis, but smaller bill. P.e. siamensis: male-as in avensis, but occiput and nape suffused with blue; paler, more red spot on wing; face and neck yellowish. Female-as in avensis, but face and neck yellowish.

Colourization Juvenile:
P.e. eupatria: as in female; shorter tail. Eye grey. P.e. magnirostris: as in eupatria but larger heavier bill.

Call: Harsh and loud in general; described as ringing, loud, deep and scolding. Shrieks accompany mobbing of predators when alarmed. Flocks will excitedly chorus together.

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