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Black-billed Amazon  

Also Known As: Black-billed Parrot, All-green Amazon, Active Amazon

Black-billed Amazon

Credit: © World Parrot Trust

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Did You Know?
The courtship display of the Black-billed Amazon is unlike that of other amazons - the male charges at the female and sways from side to side with a stiff-legged awkward motion, sometimes jumping over the female.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
25cm (9.75 in) Not available

Races including nominate:

Colourization Adult: Male-plumage green with yellow/green on underparts; neck feathers softly dusted with black; red primary coverts; green tail with red at base. Bill grey, paler at base. Eye ring dark grey, eye dark brown. Female-as in male but with some primary coverts green instead of red.

Colourization Juvenile: As in adults but all primary coverts green.

Call: Bugling while in flight. While perched growls and rumbles. Other notes sharp and screechy. Call notes higher pitched than calls of Yellow-billed Amazon.

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