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Black-headed Caique  

Also Known As: Black-capped Parrot, Black-headed Parrot, Pallid Caique (P.m. pallida)

Black-headed Caique

Credit: © Kevin Britland | License: ShutterStock

Did You Know?
The stance of the Black-headed Caique is more upright than other parrots, giving them a comical, fearless appearance.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
23 cm (9 in) 130-170g (4.5-6 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: P.m. melanocephala, P.m. pallida

Colourization Adult:
P.m. melanocephala: both adults small stocky parrot with black cap, forehead and nape; orange/yellow mantle, cheeks and neck; green goggles; green wings, white belly and chest, yellow undertail; orange/yellow thighs. Black bill. Eye red/orange. P.m. pallida: both adults yellow throat, flanks and thighs; breast and centre of abdomen buff/white; orange/yellow cheeks, neck and mantle paler.

Colourization Juvenile: Has flecks of yellow on chest and belly blended into the white/buff; thighs streaked with green. Eye dark brown.

Call: Very vocal bird with loud shrieks and alarm calls. Include trills, songlike sounds, and toots. Displaying birds sound kleeek. Low soft growl in captive birds.

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