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Black-winged Parrot  

Also Known As: Black-eared Parrot, Peruvian Black-winged Parrot (H.m. peruviana)

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Credit: (c) Steve Milpacher

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Did You Know?
The members of the Hapalopsittaca genus, or group, of parrots are some of the least known parrots in zoology.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
24cm (9.4 in) Not available

Races including nominate:
two: H.m. melanotis, H.m. peruviana

Colourization Adult: H.m. melanotis: both adults mostly green; blue lores and frontal band; blue wash on crown and neck, with blue collar on area of neck; black ear coverts; black upper wing coverts and outermost secondaries; black inner secondaries edged with green on outer webs; green tail tipped with purple/blue. Bill blue/grey with horn coloured tip. Eye brown. H.m. peruviana: both adults brown/orange ear coverts; blue wash on foreneck restricted to thin band on throat.

Colourization Juvenile: H.m. melanotis: black upper wing coverts, widely edged with green.

Call: Calls made in flight are rapid and repetitious notes.

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