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Blue-fronted Amazon  

Also Known As: Turquoise-fronted Amazon, Yellow-winged Parrot (A.a. xanthopteryx)

Blue-fronted Amazon perched

Credit: © Luiz Claudio Marigo |

Did You Know?
Since 1981, 413,505 wild Blue-fronted Amazons have been traded on international market.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
35-37 cm (13.6-14.4 in) 375-450g (13.1-15.75 oz)(aestiva); 400-500g (14-17.5 oz) (xanthopteryx)

Races including nominate:
two: A.a. aestiva, A.a. xanthopteryx

Colourization Adult:
A.a. aestiva: male-body green, feathers edged soft black; forehead and lores blue; forecrown yellow with or without white; area behind crown, ear coverts to area around eyes, forecheeks and throat yellow; bend of wing red; secondary feathers 1-5 having bases red, the remainder green; tail green with red at base. Bill slate grey. Narrow eye ring white, eye orange, sometimes red. Female-less yellow on face. A.a. xanthopteryx: both adults as in aestiva, yellow bend of wing and lesser wing coverts; more yellow on head.

Colourization Juvenile: Immature as in adult but head colour less extensive (some birds with entirely green head) and duller, also less red on wing. Eye dark brown.

Call: Wide repertoire of whistles, shrieks, yapping help notes; captive birds excellent mimics of human and other sounds.

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