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Blue-winged Parrotlet  


Wild Blue-winged parrotlet perched on branch

Credit: © Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi |

Did You Know?
The Blue-winged Parrotlet nests in tree cavities but will also try arboreal termitaria (termite mounds in trees).

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
12cm (4.7 in) 28g (1.0 oz)

Races including nominate:
six: F.x. xanthopterygius, F.x. flavissimus, F.x. crassirostris, F.x. olallae, F.x. flavescens, F.x. spengeli

Colourization Adult:
F.x. xanthopterygius: male-in general olive/green to green in colour; eyes surrounded by bright green; purple/blue primary and secondary coverts; purple/blue bases to outer webs of secondary feathers; purple/blue underwing coverts, lower back and rump. Bill horn in colour with grey at base of upper mandible. Eye dark brown. Female-green instead of blue markings; green/yellow forehead and face. F.x. flavissimus: male-paler, more yellow/green; yellow/green forehead, cheeks and throat. Female-paler and more yellow/green. F.x. crassirostris: male-paler blue markings; pale gray/purple primary coverts; dark purple/blue secondary coverts; smaller in size. Female-green less yellow overall. F.x. olallae: male-as in crassirostris, but darker purple/blue wings, rump and lower back; paler underwing coverts. Female-as in crassirostris. F.x. flavescens: male-as in xanthopterygius, but yellow/green paler; green/yellow forehead, cheeks, and underparts; paler blue on lower back and rump. Female-as in xanthopterygius, but yellow/green paler. F.x. spengeli: male-blue of lower back and rump more turquoise; turquoise/blue with purple underwing coverts and axillaries. Female-as in xanthopterygius but forehead more yellow.

Colourization Juvenile:
F.x. xanthopterygius: as in adults but immature male has blue markings intermixed with green.

Call: Calls in flight or when perched are sad sounding albeit penetrating. While feeding twittering and chattering.

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