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Brown-throated Conure  

Also Known As: Brown-throated Parakeet, Yellow-cheeked Parakeet, St. Thomas or Curacao Conure (A.p. pertinax), Brown-eared Conure (A.p. ocularis), Veragua Conure or Parakeet

Brown-throated Conure perched

Credit: © Nick Athanas |

Did You Know?
The Brown-throated Conure usually nests in a arboreal termitarium (termite mound in a tree) but will also use rock crevices and burrows in banks.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
25cm (9.75 in) 76-102g (2.7-3.6 oz)

Races including nominate:
fourteen: A.p. pertinax, A.p. xanthogenia, A.p. arubensis, A.p. aeruginosa, A.p. griseipecta, A.p. lehmanni, A.p. tortugensis, A.p. margaritensis, A.p. venezuelae, A.p. chrysophrys, A.p. surinama, A.p. chrysogenys, A.p. paraensis, A.p. ocularis

Colourization Adult:
A.p. pertinax: both adults in general green but with paler green/yellow on underparts; orange/yellow on forehead, lores and sides of head; pale olive/brown throat and upper breast; centre of abdomen sprinkled with differing orange markings; outer webs of primary feathers green, turning to dull blue at tips; green tail with blue/green tip. Bill grey/black. Eye ring thin, bare and off-white. Eye yellow. A.p. xanthogenia: both adults as in pertinax, but orange/yellow of head brighter and reaching to crown. A.p. arubensis: both adults orange/yellow of head restricted to eye area; pale yellow forehead; dull green/blue crown; mix of orange/yellow and brown on lores, cheeks and sides of head; brown ear coverts with yellow shafts of feathers; yellow/brown throat and upper breast. A.p. aeruginosa: both adults as in arubensis but yellow/buff of forehead absent or minimal; orange/yellow confined to line around eye. A.p. griseipecta: both adults as in aeruginosa but with olive/grey cheeks, throat and upper breast; orange/yellow around eye absent; yellow shafts of feathers on cheeks and ear coverts absent; green crown with little blue; orange wash on lower underparts absent. A.p. lehmanni: both adults as in aeruginosa, but orange/yellow around eye more extensive; green/blue confined to forecrown. A.p. tortugensis: both adults as in aeruginosa, but with more orange/yellow on sides of head; more yellow underwing coverts; larger in size. A.p. margaritensis: both adults whitish forehead; dull green/blue forecrown; pale olive throat and upper breast; darker lower underparts, with less yellow/green and minimal orange on abdomen. A.p. venezuelae: both adults as in margaritensis but with paler green, more yellow upperparts; white band on forehead absent; paler lower underparts with more yellow/green and orange wash across abdomen. A.p. chrysophrys: both adults as in venezuelae, but with darker green underparts; darker brown lores, cheeks and ear coverts with yellow shafts to feathers; darker brown throat; pale brown/yellow forehead. A.p. surinama: both adults as in chrysophrys but orange/yellow of head reaching from below eye to cheeks and base of lower mandible; frontal band orange/yellow and narrow. A.p. chrysogenys: both adults in general darker than other subspecies; frontal band absent; dark green/blue crown; dark blue outer webs of flight feathers; dark brown throat, breast and sides of head; dark orange tint on centre of abdomen. A.p. paraensis: both adults blue/green forehead and crown; dark green upperparts; dark blue outer webs of primary and secondary feathers; dark orange/yellow lower underparts with brown and green marks on upper abdomen; green flanks, thighs and undertail coverts; dull green/yellow undertail. Eye red. A.p. ocularis: both adults green crown and forehead; area above and below eye orange/yellow; buff/brown sides of head, darker on ear coverts and lores; orange/brown upper breast and throat.

Colourization Juvenile:
A.p. pertinax: as in adults but with brownish cheeks, with orange feathers occasionally; brown forehead tinted with green; greenish tint to throat and upper breast. Upper mandible pale horn in colour. Eye grey. A.p. surinama: in general duller than adults; orange/yellow on face and forehead paler and less far-reaching. A.p. ocularis: orange/yellow in front of and below eye absent; more greenish throat and foreneck, rather than brown.

Call: Very noisy and raucous; calls continuously while in flight, rapid, staccato notes. When perched a two-syllable cheer-cheedit, the second note being drawn out. Also chattering while at rest.

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