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Cactus Conure  

Also Known As: Cactus Parakeet

Cactus Conure (Aratinga cactorum) sitting on top of cactus

Credit: © Luiz Claudio Marigo |


Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
25cm (9.75 in) 75-90g (2.6-3.1 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: A.c.cactorum, A.c. caixana

Colourization Adult: A.c. cactorum: both adults in general yellow/green; pale brown crown; brown face and upper breast; orange/yellow lower breast and abdomen; green tail tipped with blue. Bill horn coloured. Eye ring bare and white. Eye orange. A.c. caixana: both adults as in cactorum, but paler green body colour; buff/brown throat and breast; abdomen in centre less orange and more yellow.

Colourization Juvenile: Green crown, brown tinge minimal or absent; olive breast and abdomen, with orange tips to some feathers. Eye brown.

Call: Calls made in flight are strident notes, repeated in short bursts between pauses. Softer notes when feeding.

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