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Cobalt-winged Parakeet  

Also Known As: Blue-winged Parakeet, Deville's Parakeet, Gustav's Parakeet (B.c. gustavi)

Cobalt-winged Parakeets

Credit: © Ian Montgomery |

Did You Know?
The Cobalt-winged Parakeet prefers the forest canopy, never descending to the ground; this species is strictly arboreal (stays in trees).

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
18cm (7 in) 65g (2.3 oz)

Races including nominate:
three: B.c. cyanoptera, B.c. gustavi, B.c. beniensis

Colourization Adult: B.c. cyanoptera: both adults in general yellow/green; yellow forehead and lores, duller and less far-reaching in female; chin orange; green bend of wing, carpal edge and underwing coverts; purple/blue primary coverts and secondary feathers; purple/blue outer primary feathers edged with green, the remainder purple/blue; dark blue central tail feathers with green margins, the next two green edged with blue, the remainder green. Bill pale horn in colour tipped with brown. Eye ring bare and white. Eye dark brown. B.c. gustavi: both adults yellow bend of wing and carpal edge; green outer primary feathers. B.c. beniensis: both adults as in gustavi, but paler and more yellow/green; heavy tint of yellow on forehead and lores; strong tint of blue on crown; yellow bend of wing, carpal edge, and primary coverts.

Colourization Juvenile: Duller than adults. Bill brown.

Call: Calls are described as being like those of the Tui Parakeet, rapid repetition of high pitched notes; also clear splink splink notes and harsh, scratchy noises.

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