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Cuban Amazon  

Also Known As: White-headed Amazon Parrot, Caribbean Amazon Parrot, Cuban Parrot (all races but often specifically nominate); Bahamas (Amazon) Parrot (A. l. bahamensis); Grand Cayman (Amazon) Parrot (A.l. caymanensis); Cayman Brac (Amazon) Parrot (A.l. hesterna); Western Cuban (Amazon) Parrot (A.l. palmarum)

A Cuban (Bahama) Parrot pair resting in a pine tree after foraging on Metopium.

Credit: © Mark Stafford |

Did You Know?
Some of the calls of the Cuban Amazon sound like the braying of a donkey.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
32 cm (12.5in) 240-262g (8.4-9.1 oz)

Races including nominate:
five: A.l. leucocephala, A.l. palmarum, A.l. caymanesis, A.l. hesterna, A.l. bahamensis

Colourization Adult:
A.l. leucocephala: both adults green with black scalloping to feathers; forehead, forecrown, and area around eyes white; pink/red lores, cheeks and throat; ear coverts dull black; abdominal patch maroon; tail green with red at base. Bill horn colouration. Eye ring white, eye olive/green. A.l. palmarum: both adults darker green, abdominal patch more extensive; deeper red to throat. A.l. caymanensis: both adults more yellow/green, with less evident scalloping to feathers; breast and rump tinged with blue; white on head confined to forehead area; green on sides of neck separates red of throat from the cheek area; less extensive abdominal patch; larger in size. A.l. hesterna: both adults more yellow/green; more evident maroon abdominal patch; cheeks and throat deeper in colour; smaller in size. A.l. bahamensis: both adults as in leucocephala, but abdominal patch small or missing; white on crown extends back further, reaching below eyes to lores and upper cheeks; less red at base of tail; larger in size.

Colourization Juvenile: As in adult but with less black edges to body feathers, white of forecrown washed with yellow and less maroon on belly.

Call: Wide variety of loud shrieks, whistles, screeches, some trumpet like. Some notes drawn out and resonant.

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