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Derbyan Parakeet  

Also Known As: Lord Derby's Parakeet, Derby's Parakeet

Derbyan Parakeet perched on branch

Credit: © Jamie Gilardi

Did You Know?
This elegant group of birds, the Asiatic or Asian Parakeets, have tails that are just as long or longer than the length of their bodies.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
50cm (19.5 in) 320g (11.2 oz)

Races including nominate:

Colourization Adult: Male-black lower cheeks and forehead stripe extending to eyes; forecrown washed bright blue, becoming blue/green around eyes; rest of head blue/purple; upperparts green; area from throat to lower abdomen lilac/purple; inner middle and secondary wing coverts dull green/yellow forming patch on wing when folded; tail blue tinged with green near base; upper mandible red, lower black. Eye pale yellow. Female-blue on forecrown absent; throat to lower abdomen area duller grey/violet; pink stripe from behind lower cheeks up to hindcrown, black lower cheeks; shorter tail. Bill black.

Colourization Juvenile: Head and throat areas to lower abdomen grey/green, with some feathers margined dull purple/blue; black facial markings more grey; tail short. Bill orange. Eye grey.

Call: Calls in flight raucous, loud and metallic sounding; also calls resembling that of crows and ravens. Contact calls carry some distance.

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