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Desmarest's Fig Parrot  

Also Known As: Large Fig Parrot, Desmarest's Dwarf Parrot, Golden-headed Fig Parrot, Golden-headed Dwarf Parrot

Wild Desmarest’s Fig Parrot

Credit: © Mehd Halaouate |

Did You Know?
During mating, the male Desmarest's Fig Parrot places one foot on the female's back, and one on its perch, unlike other parrots. They also nest communally, in groups of up to three pairs.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
18cm (7 in) 108-126g (3.8-4.4 oz)

Races including nominate:
six: P.d. desmarestii, P.d. intermedia, P.d. occidentalis, P.d. blythii, P.d. godmani, P.d. cervicalis

Colourization Adult: P.d. desmarestii: both adults orange/red lores and forehead, merging to orange/yellow on crown and nape; nuchal collar blue; green hindneck; blue spot below eye; green cheeks and ear coverts, tipped with bronze/yellow; bright paler green at tips of elongated feathers; upper breast has pale blue stripe, bordered below by orange/red stripe; yellow/orange inner wing coverts edged with yellow/orange; underwing stripes wide and off-white/yellow. Bill grey/black. Eye dark brown. P.d. intermedia: both adults as in desmarestii, but much deeper orange crown and nape; green cheeks and ear coverts with orange/yellow tips to a few feathers; blue nuchal collar missing or minimal. P.d. occidentalis: both adults deep golden/yellow cheeks and throat, turning to bright yellow on elongated ear coverts; paler blue below eye and more green; blue collar absent. P.d. blythii: both adults as in occidentalis, but with brighter orange/yellow cheeks; blue below eye absent. P.d. godmani: male-blue on occiput and below eye absent; orange/red crown and nape with yellow stripe on hindneck; bright yellow cheeks and ear coverts; pale blue band across breast more extensive, but orange/red band below absent or minimal. Female-green hindneck, yellow band absent. P.d. cervicalis: both adults as in godmani, but with blue nape and hindneck; breast band darker blue; orange/buff tinge to lower breast and abdomen.

Colourization Juvenile: P.d. desmarestii: as in adults, but with dull yellow crown. P.d. intermedia: as in adults. P.d. occidentalis: as in adults. P.d. blythii: as in adults but with blue below eye. P.d. godmani as in adult female. P.d. cervicalis: green crown and nape.

Call: Calls are described as high-pitched and thin, with down slurring contact call. Also chattering and clinking notes, and oft-repeated chet-chet notes at the nest.

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