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Desmarest's Fig Parrot  

Also Known As: Large Fig Parrot, Desmarest's Dwarf Parrot, Golden-headed Fig Parrot, Golden-headed Dwarf Parrot
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Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
18cm (7 in) 108-126g (3.8-4.4 oz)

Races including nominate:
six: P.d. desmarestii, P.d. intermedia, P.d. occidentalis, P.d. blythii, P.d. godmani, P.d. cervicalis

Colourization Adult: P.d. desmarestii: both adults orange/red lores and forehead, merging to orange/yellow on crown and nape; nuchal collar blue; green hindneck; blue spot below eye; green cheeks and ear coverts, tipped with bronze/yellow; bright paler green at tips of elongated feathers; upper breast has pale blue stripe, bordered below by orange/red stripe; yellow/orange inner wing coverts edged with yellow/orange; underwing stripes wide and off-white/yellow. Bill grey/black. Eye dark brown. P.d. intermedia: both adults as in desmarestii, but much deeper orange crown and nape; green cheeks and ear coverts with orange/yellow tips to a few feathers; blue nuchal collar missing or minimal. P.d. occidentalis: both adults deep golden/yellow cheeks and throat, turning to bright yellow on elongated ear coverts; paler blue below eye and more green; blue collar absent. P.d. blythii: both adults as in occidentalis, but with brighter orange/yellow cheeks; blue below eye absent. P.d. godmani: male-blue on occiput and below eye absent; orange/red crown and nape with yellow stripe on hindneck; bright yellow cheeks and ear coverts; pale blue band across breast more extensive, but orange/red band below absent or minimal. Female-green hindneck, yellow band absent. P.d. cervicalis: both adults as in godmani, but with blue nape and hindneck; breast band darker blue; orange/buff tinge to lower breast and abdomen.

Colourization Juvenile: P.d. desmarestii: as in adults, but with dull yellow crown. P.d. intermedia: as in adults. P.d. occidentalis: as in adults. P.d. blythii: as in adults but with blue below eye. P.d. godmani as in adult female. P.d. cervicalis: green crown and nape.

Call: Calls are described as high-pitched and thin, with down slurring contact call. Also chattering and clinking notes, and oft-repeated chet-chet notes at the nest.

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