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Double-eyed Fig Parrot  

Also Known As: Two-eyed Fig Parrot, Double-eyed Dwarf Parrot, Dwarf Fig Parrot, Lorilet; Coxen's Fig Parrot, Coxen's Double-eyed Fig Parrot, Coxen's Two-eyed Fig Parrot, Coxen's Blue-browed Fig Parrot, Blue-browed Fig Parrot, Red-faced Lorilet, Coxen's Lorilet, Southern Fig Parrot (C.d. coxeni) Red-browed Fig Parrot, Blue-faced Fig Parrot, Macleay's Lorilet, Northern Fig Parrot (C.d. macleayana); Marshall's Fig Parrot, Cape York Parrot (C.d. marshalli)

Double-eyed Fig-parrot (Cyclopsitta diopthalma)

Credit: © Ian Montgomery |

Did You Know?
The Double-eyed Fig Parrot will respond to imitation of contact call by circling back, while in flight, to alight nearby.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
13-16cm (5-6.2 in) 42-55g (1.5-2 oz)

Races including nominate:
eight: C.d. diophthalma, C.d. coccineifrons, C.d. aruensis, C.d. virago, C.d. inseparabilis, C.d. marshalli, C.d. macleayana, C.d. coxeni

Colourization Adult:
C.d. diophthalma: male-red lores, forehead and forecrown, with orange/yellow band at hindcrown; blue above and in front of eye; red cheeks; red ear coverts, bordered underneath by lilac/blue stripe; inner wing coverts edged orange/red; pale yellow wide underwing bands. Bill pale grey with black near tip. Eye dark brown. Female-as in male but with buff/brown cheeks. C.d. coccineifrons: both adults darker in general, especially the red on the face and inner wing coverts; broader more pronounced orange/yellow band on hindcrown. C.d. aruensis: male-more green/blue above and in front of eye; lilac/blue band below cheek extending to chin; orange/yellow band on hindcrown diminished or absent; more yellow/green upperparts. Female-red on face absent, replaced by pale blue; orange/yellow band at hindcrown absent. C.d. virago: male-paler red on crown and cheeks; blue around eye area absent; lilac/blue band below cheek reduced to spot. Female-red spot on centre of blue forehead; green face, lilac/blue bands below cheeks absent. C.d. inseparabilis: both adults face all green with red spot in middle of forehead. C.d. marshalli: male-as in aruensis, but darker blue above and in front of eye and without green tinge; smaller in size. Female-as in aruensis, but deep violet/blue on forehead and forecrown; smaller in size. C.d. macleayana: male-red on centre of forehead, lower cheeks out to ear coverts; remainder of face blue, being darker on sides of forehead and paler with green tinge around eyes. Female-as in male but buff/brown on lower cheeks to ear coverts. C.d. coxeni: both adults blue in centre of forehead; red feathers on lores and sides of forehead at base of bill; above and in front of eye bright yellow/green; red on lower cheeks to ear coverts, bordered beneath by lilac/blue band; larger in size.

Colourization Juvenile:
C.d. diophthalma: as in adult female. C.d. coccineifrons: as in adults. C.d. aruensis: as in adult female. C.d. virago: as in adult female. C.d. inseparabilis: as in adults. C.d. marshalli: as in adult female. C.d. macleayana: as in adult female.

Call: Voice thin and high-pitched double notes in flight, other calls chattering, twittering and high-pitched screech (alarm). Notes described as staccato and harsh.

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