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Glossy Black Cockatoo  

Also Known As: Glossy Cockatoo, Leach's Black Cockatoo, Leach's Red-tailed Cockatoo, Latham's Cockatoo, Casuarina Cockatoo

Glossy Black Cockatoo pair

Credit: © Ian Montgomery |

Did You Know?
The Glossy Black Cockatoo has a different, more friendly personality (hand-raised birds) than its cousins the White-tailed and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, which are more aloof.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
48cm (18.7 in) 400-500g (14-17.5 oz)

Races including nominate:
three: C.l.lathami, C.l. halmaturinus, C.l. erebus

Colourization Adult:
C.l. lathami: male-head, neck and underparts red/brown; back and wings black; centre tail feathers black, side tail feathers with red band near end. Bill grey. Eye dark brown. Female-yellow feathers on head and neck; red tail band suffused with yellow and bisected by narrow black bars. Bill grey/horn coloured. C.l. halmaturinus: both adults similar to lathami but bill larger. C.l. erebus: both adults like lathami but bill smaller.

Colourization Juvenile:
C.l. lathami: sides of head spotted yellow and some yellow spots on upper and under wing coverts, mainly darker yellow in subadult males; lower underparts barred with soft yellow, more evident in subadult females; tail band like that of adult female, but darker red in subadult males. Bill horn coloured washed with grey at base. C.l. halmaturinus: like lathami, but bill larger. C.l. erebus: like lathami, but bill smaller.

Call: Call soft wailing or wheezing sound. Gutteral alarm call. Female soliciting food from male emits squeaking sound.

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