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Golden-mantled Racquet-tailed Parrot  

Also Known As: Golden-mantled Racquet-tail, Gold-mantled Racquet-tail, Gold-backed Racquet-tailed Parrot

Captive Golden-mantled Racquet-tailed Parrot

Credit: © Peter Odekerken |

Did You Know?
The Golden-mantled Racquet-tailed Parrot is commonly active on nights with a full moon.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
28cm (10.9 in) 200-225g (7-7.9 oz)

Races including nominate:
three: P.p. platurus, P.p. talautensis, P.p. sinerubris

Colourization Adult:
P.p. platurus: male-back of crown is a pink/red spot, bordered by dull blue/grey patch reaching to nape; orange/yellow stripe across mantle; lower mantle blue/grey and upper wing coverts dull grey. Pale yellow margins on inner webs of secondary feathers; green centre tail feathers, the "racquets" black washed with blue, side tail feathers green banded with black near the end. Bill dark grey, paler at base. Eye dark brown. Female-crown all green; mantle green, orange/yellow band absent; upper wing coverts green with varying grey wash. P.p. talautensis: male-in general paler; less grey mantle and upper wing coverts; more evident pink/red spot on hindcrown with more blue patch. Female-as in platurus, but paler green. P.p. sinerubris: male-pink/red spot absent from hindcrown; mantle and upper wing coverts green, lightly washed with grey; bend of wing and lesser wing coverts suffused with purple; smaller in size.

Colourization Juvenile:
P.p. platurus: as in female but no bare tail shafts. P.p. talautensis: as in platurus but paler green. P.p. sinerubris: undescribed.

Call: Distinctive from other Racquet-tails; musical, slurred and moderately high-pitched whistling notes; some calls harsh and nasal.

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