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Green-cheeked Conure  

Also Known As: Argentine Conure, Santa Cruz Conure, Yellow-sided Conure (yellow morph)

Green-cheeked Conure

Credit: © Cindy Jenkins | License: ShutterStock

Did You Know?
The Green-cheeked Conure is common in the wild; ironically, little is known about its wild behaviour.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
26cm (10.1 in) 60-80g (2.1-2.8 oz)

Races including nominate:
six: P.m. molinae, P.m. phoenicura, P.m. restricta, P.m. sordida, P.m. australis, P.m. flavoptera

Colourization Adult:
P.m. molinae: both adults brown crown to nape with green tint; bright green cheeks; pale brown chest barred with either grey/white or dull yellow near centre of breast, with feathers tipped brown; brown/red abdominal patch; scattered blue feathers on hindneck, sometimes forming faint collar; brown/red tail tipped with blue. Bill brown/grey. Eye ring bare and white. Eye brown. P.m. phoenicura: both adults as in molinae, but with base of tail green. P.m. restricta: both adults different from molinae by having brown/grey breast with white barring; green cheeks with blue tint; very visible blue collar on hindneck; strong blue wash on flanks and undertail coverts. P.m. sordida: green morph-both adults as in restricta but with barring on chest barely visible; yellow wash on centre of breast; blue wash on flanks and undertail coverts minimal or absent. Yellow morph-both adults have green cheeks turning yellowish towards back; yellow/white breast , barred with brown; centre of abdomen has orange/red patch; yellow flanks and thighs; yellow undertail coverts with blue suffusion; green rump and upper tail coverts with yellow markings; brown/red tail with blued tips. Bill brown/grey. Eye ring bare and white. Eye brown. P.m. australis: both adults paler in general than molinae; brown/red abdominal patch more extensive; dull yellow wash in centre of breast. Smaller bill. P.m. flavoptera: both adults as in molinae, but with orange/red bend of wing and carpal edge; alula with blue and yellow/white feathers mixed in.

Colourization Juvenile:
P.m. molinae: as in adults but with no brown/red abdominal patch, may be replaced by scattered brown/red feathers. Tail shorter.

Call: Calls made in flight are rapid and repeated notes, the second note of which is lower in tone; also sharp or melodious sounds made.

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