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Little Corella  

Also Known As: Corella, Short-billed Corella, Dampier's Corella, Bare-eyed Cockatoo, Blood-stained Cockatoo, Blue-eyed Cockatoo

Little Corellas interacting

Credit: © Nora Peters |

Did You Know?
The population of the Little Corella is thought to be increasing instead of decreasing like so many other parrots.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
38cm (14.8 in) 350-530g (12.25-18.5 oz)

Races including nominate:
five: C.s. sanguinea, C.s. normantoni, C.s. transfreta, C.s.gymnopis, C.s. westralensis

Colourization Adult:
C.s. sanguinea: both adults in general white; pink/orange lores and hidden bases of feathers of the head; dark grey/blue, bare eye ring, extending well below eye. Eye dark brown. C.s. normantoni: both adults as in sanguinea but smaller in size. C.s. transfreta: both adults as in normantoni, but underwings and undertail washed with yellow/brown. C.s. gymnopis: both adults more pink/orange on lores and bases of head feathers, foreneck to upper breast and back of neck. C.s. westralensis: both adults as in gymnopis, but with brighter orange/red on lores and colour more strongly washed through feather bases of head to upper breast and mantle, reaching softly to lower underparts and thighs; underwings and undertail washed lightly with deep yellow.

Colourization Juvenile:
C.s. sanguinea: as in adult but with paler blue eye ring tinged grey/pink underneath eye. C.s. normantoni: as in adult. C.s. transfreta: as in adult. C.s. gymnopis: as in adult. C.s. westralensis: as in adult.

Call: Contact call repetitive and squeaky. A flock calling together sounds like distant geese.

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