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Major Mitchell's Cockatoo  

Also Known As: Pink Cockatoo, Leadbeater's Cockatoo, Desert Cockatoo, Wee Juggler, Cocklerina, Chockalott

Alert Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

Credit: © Shutterstock

Did You Know?
The Major Mitchell's Cockatoo is the only cockatoo with a multicoloured crest.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
35cm (13.6 in) 340-425g (12-14.9 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: C.l. leadbeateri, C.l. mollis

Colourization Adult:
C.l. leadbeateri: male-white cockatoo with pink face, nape, chest and belly; brilliant red and yellow streaks in white crest. Dark pink forehead. Eye dark brown. Female-paler pink, wider band of yellow in crest, upper abdomen white instead of pink, eye reddish pink. C.l. mollis: both adults as in leadbeateri, but crest darker red with little or no yellow. Bill both races white.

Colourization Juvenile: Immatures similar to adult female with paler head and underparts.

Call: High note, quavering. Harsh alarm call. Fledglings wheeze when calling for food.

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