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Maroon-bellied Conure  

Also Known As: Maroon-bellied Parakeet, Reddish-bellied Parakeet, Brown-eared Conure or Parakeet, Scaly-breasted Conure or Parakeet, Azara's Conure (P.f. chiripepe)

Maroon-bellied Conure, Brazil

Credit: © Arthur Grosset |

Did You Know?
Since 1981, when the Maroon-bellied Conure was listed on CITES Appendix II, 52,523 individuals have been recorded in the international wild bird trade.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
26cm (10.1 in) 72-94g (2.5-3.3 oz)

Races including nominate:
three: P.f. frontalis, P.f. kriegi, P.f. chiripepe

Colourization Adult: P.f. frontalis: both adults thin red/brown frontal band; green crown and cheeks to hindneck and mantle; grey/brown ear coverts; olive/brown breast, banded with yellow and tipped dark brown; brown/red centre of abdomen; blue/green primary coverts; olive tail, with wide brown/red tips. Bill brown/grey. Eye ring bare and white. Eye dark brown. P.f. kriegi: both adults as in frontalis, but tail narrowly tipped with brown/red. P.f. chirpepe: both adults as in frontalis, but tail only olive, without brown/red tip; orange/red bend of wing.

Colourization Juvenile: P.f. frontalis: as in adults but duller in colour; less abdominal patch; shorter tail.

Call: Calls made in flight rapid and repititious, and are screeches intermixed with longer, higher-pitched cries. Alarm call is sharp and brief.

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