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Mexican Parrotlet  

Also Known As: Blue-rumped Parrotlet, Turquoise-rumped Parrotlet, Sonora Parrotlet (F.c. pallidus), Grayson's Parrotlet (F.c. insularis)

Mexican Parrotlet

Credit: © Reta Bray

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Did You Know?
The Mexican Parrotlet wanders frequently in search of food, perhaps more than most parrotlets. This presents fluctuating numbers in any given area, making a quantitative assessment of this species difficult.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
13cm (5 in) 30g (1 oz)

Races including nominate:
three: F.c. cyanopygius, F.c. pallidus, F.c. insularis

Colourization Adult: F.c. cyanopygius: male- in general green in colour; turquoise/blue lower back, rump, and underwing coverts; blue secondary feathers, margined paler blue on outer webs of feathers; secondary coverts blue. Bill pale horn in colour. Eye brown. Female- yellow/green markings where is blue in male. F.c. pallidus: both adults in general paler than cyanopygius. F.c. insularis: male- darker green upperparts; blue/green underparts; darker blue on rump and lower back. Female- as in cyanopygius, but upperparts darker green.

Colourization Juvenile: F.c. cyanopygius: as in adults but young male has blue markings intermixed with green.

Call: Calls made in flight or when perched a rolling series of squeaky notes; may be heard at some distance. While feeding occasional squawks.

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