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Mindanao Lorikeet  

Also Known As: Johnstone's Lorikeet, Mrs. Johnstone's Lorikeet, Mount Apo Lorikeet

Mindanao Lorikeet

Credit: © Steve Brookes |

Did You Know?
The Mindanao Lorikeet flies in tight formation in flocks with audible whirring of wingbeats, quite unlike any other parrot.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
20cm (7.8 in) 48-62g (1.7-2.2 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: T.j. johnstoniae, T.j. pistra

Colourization Adult: T.j. johnstoniae: both adults in general green; pink/red forecrown and cheeks; band from lores to occiput dark purple; yellow underparts, scalloped with green; yellow/green underwing coverts and undertail coverts; underwing band yellow. Bill orange/red. Eye ring dark grey. Eye red. T.j. pista: both adults darker and duller red on face; band from occiput to lores wider; upperparts darker green and underparts brighter and more vivid yellow.

Colourization Juvenile: T.j. johnstoniae: less pink/red on face; dull lilac/brown spot behind eye where band is in adults. Eye ring grey/white. Bill black/brown. Eye brown.

Call: Calls made in flight are continuous notes or loud, sharp sounds. Feeding is accompanied by same sharp notes or soft, twittering sounds.

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