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Orange-fronted Hanging Parrot  

Also Known As: Golden-fronted Hanging Parrot, Misool Hanging Parrot, Papuan Hanging Parrot, Bat Lorikeet

Two Orange-fronted Hanging Parrots. This is the only known photograph of this species. West Papua New Guinea

Credit: © Mehd Halaouate |

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Did You Know?
The Orange-fronted Hanging Parrot has been spotted in the wild running its bill along casuarina needles and twigs, apparently searching for lerp (sugar-filled) insects.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
10cm (4 in) 13-16g (0.4-0.5 oz)

Races including nominate:
three: L.a. aurantiifrons, L.a. batavorum, L.a. meeki

Colourization Adult: L.a. aurantiifrons: male- mainly green in colour; golden/yellow forehead and forecrown; patch on throat red; red rump and upper tail coverts; yellow on sides of rump; green tail tipped with yellow/green. Bill black. Eye yellow/white. Female- blue/green forehead and forecrown; blue wash on cheeks; red patch on throat smaller. Eye brown. L.a. batavorum: both adults as in aurantiifrons, but male has less yellow on forehead and forecrown. L.a. meeki: both adults as in batavorum, but slightly larger in size; in female, bases of forecrown feathers paler yellow/brown.

Colourization Juvenile: L.a. aurantiifrons: as in adult female, but red patch on throat absent. Bill pale brown.

Call: Calls are described as shrill and rapidly repeated, sometimes lengthened into song; also buzzing notes while perched.

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