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Patagonian Conure  

Also Known As: Patagonian Parrot, Burrowing Parrot, Greater Patagonian Conure (C.p. bloxami)

Patagonian Conure preening feathers

Credit: © foxie | License: ShutterStock

Did You Know?
A recent study (PsittaScene May 2006) conducted by Juan Masello et al, found over 35,000 active nest burrows for the Patagonian Conure of El Condor, Patagonia. The counts showed that the colony extended over 9 km of a sandstone cliff facing the ocean.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
45cm (17.5 in) 256-281g (9-10 oz) (patagonus) 315-390g (11-13.6 oz) (bloxami)

Races including nominate:
four: C.p. patagonus (Lesser), C.p. andinus, C.p. bloxami (Greater), C.p. conlara

Colourization Adult:
Large olive/brown parrot.
C.p. patagonus: both adults olive/brown head, neck, back and breast; lower back to tail and upper abdomen yellow; orange/red thighs and centre of abdomen; throat and breast grey/brown, white marks at bend of wing on breast; tail olive/green tinted with blue, undertail brown/grey. White bare eye-ring, eye pale yellow. Bill dark grey. C.p. conlara: both adults as in patagonus, but with darker breast. C.p. andinus: both adults duller than patagonus; little yellow on lower underparts; centre of abdomen dull orange/red; white markings on breast very faint. C.p. bloxami: both adults brighter yellow on lower underparts, brighter red on thighs and centre of abdomen, more extensive white on breast forming a wide band; larger in size.

Colourization Juvenile: As in adult but generally duller; shorter tail. Upper mandible horn-coloured. Eye pale grey.

Call: Calls very noisy; shrieking; alarm call gyeee gyee gyeee.

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