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Philippine Hanging Parrot  

Also Known As: Colasisi, Luzon Hanging Parrot

Female Philippine Hanging Parrot Languyan, Tawi-tawi, Mindanao, Philippines

Credit: © Don Geoff Tabaranza

Did You Know?
The Philippine Hanging Parrot has occasionally been found to become intoxicated on fermenting coconut nectar!

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
14cm (5.5 in) 32-40g (1.1-1.4 oz)

Races including nominate:
ten: L.p. philippensis, L.p. mindorensis, L.p. bournsi, L.p. regulus, L.p. chrysonotus, L.p. worcesteri, L.p. siquijorensis, L.p. apicalis, L.p. dohertyi, L.p. bonapartei

Colourization Adult: L.p. philippensis: male- mainly green in colour; red forehead and forecrown, with thin yellow line behind; occiput dusty yellow patch; gold/orange band on nape; throat has red patch which reaches to centre of upper breast; bright red rump and upper tail coverts; sides of rump have pale blue. Bill orange/red. Eye brown. Female- throat patch absent; blue wash on forecheeks and at base of bill. L.p. mindorensis: male- yellow on crown and occiput absent; nape has faint orange band; sides of rump have more extensive blue. Female- light yellow breast. L.p. bournsi: male- red forehead; forecrown has small yellow patch. Female- faint orange band across nape; minimal blue on face. L.p. regulus: male- wide red frontal band; golden/yellow crown; faint orange band on nape. Female- green crown washed with yellow. L.p. chrysonotus: male- gold/yellow hindcrown to upper back; nape has wider orange/red band; larger red throat patch. Female- gold/yellow hindcrown to hindneck; green mantle and upper back with orange/yellow wash. L.p. worcesteri: male- crown red, turning to orange on nape; light wash of orange/yellow on mantle; smaller red throat patch. Female- crown red; pale blue cheeks and upper throat. L.p. siquijorensis: male- as in philippensis, but with smaller red throat patch; yellow and orange on crown or hindneck absent. Female- as in philippensis, but more extensive blue facial markings, to sides of forehead, cheeks and upper throat. L.p. apicalis: (includes L. salvadorii) male- crown red, turning to orange on nape; orange/yellow wash on mantle; paler red rump to upper tail coverts. Female- pale blue lores, cheeks, chin and upper throat; crown and nape as in adult male; faint orange/yellow wash on mantle. L.p. dohertyi: both adults as in apicalis, but with strong orange wash on mantle. L.p. bonapartei: male- red forecrown, reaching into orange on crown and orange/yellow on hindneck. Bill black. Female- forecrown to hindneck like male; pale blue lores and cheeks. Bill black.

Colourization Juvenile: L.p. philippensis: as in adult female but red on forehead minimal or absent.

Call: Calls are described as distinctive and sharp twittering in one, two or three-note series, or longer staccato notes.

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