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Red-fronted Conure  

Also Known As: Red-fronted Parakeet, Scarlet-fronted Parakeet, Wagler's Conure or Parakeet, Cordilleran Conure or Parakeet

Wild Red-fronted Conure

Credit: © Nick Athanas

Did You Know?
The Red-fronted Conure has been heavily traded on the international market: since 1981, 76,974 wild-caught birds have been reported in international trade (2005).

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
36cm (14 in) 180-260g (6.3-9.1 oz)

Races including nominate:
four: A.w. wagleri, A.w. transilis, A.w. frontata, A.w. minor

Colourization Adult: A.w. wagleri: both adults mainly green, with yellowish underparts; red forehead to forecrown; occasional red band or scattered red feathers on throat; green bend of wing and carpal edge; olive/yellow greater underwing coverts and undersides of flight feathers. Bill horn in colour. Eye ring bare and white. Eye dull yellow with grey inner ring. A.w. transilis: both adults as in wagleri but in general darker green in colour; red on crown darker and less extensive. A.w. frontata: both adults red forecrown; red around lores and eyes; red thighs and bend of wing to carpal edge. Larger in size. A.w. minor: both adults as in frontata, but smaller in size; overall colour darker without bronze/yellow tinge of frontata; red on thighs paler and more extensive; upper mandible notch rounded.

Colourization Juvenile: A.w. wagleri: red on forecrown duller and less extensive or missing. Bill pink/grey at base of upper mandible. Eye ring bare and grey/white. Eye grey.

Call: Calls made in flight are repetitious and high-pitched, discordant notes; higher in pitch than that of Mitred Conure A. mitrata.

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