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Red-lored Amazon  

Also Known As: Red-lored Parrot, Scarlet-lored Amazon (Parrot), Red-fronted Amazon (Parrot), Golden-cheeked Amazon (Parrot), Primrose-cheeked Amazon (Parrot); Salvin's Amazon (A.a. salvini), Lilacine or Lesson's Amazon (A.a. lilacina)

Red-lored Amazon feeding

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Did You Know?
The Red-lored Amazon eats coffee beans!

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
34cm (13.2 in) 314-485g (11-17 oz)

Races including nominate:
four: A.a. autumnalis, A.a. salvini, A.a. lilacina, A.a. diadema

Colourization Adult:
A.a. autumnalis: both adults in general green, with black edging to feathers of crown to mantle and breast; red forehead and lores: green crown to nape, becoming mauve/blue towards tips and edged with black; yellow upper cheeks to ear coverts; secondaries 1-5 red at bases, the remainder green; green tail. Bill grey with yellow/horn at base of upper mandible. Eye ring white, eye orange. A.a. salvini: both adults as in autumnalis, but upper cheeks to ear coverts yellow/green with yellow diminished or absent; side tail feathers red at bases. Eye ring pale yellow. A.a. lilacina: both adults as in salvini, but red on forehead reaching over eye in a line; crown green, widely tipped with mauve and edged red/mauve; cheeks yellow/green. Bill grey/black. A.a. diadema: both adults as in salvini but with red feathered cere and forehead, becoming dark purple on lores; hindneck green margined with mauve. Bill darker grey, horn coloured at base of upper mandible. Larger in size.

Colourization Juvenile:
A.a. autumnalis: duller than adults; diminished red on forehead and lores; upper cheeks to ear coverts mixed with green and yellow. Eye brown. A.a. lilacina: duller than adults; red and mauve head markings less evident. Bill grey, paler at base of upper mandible. Eye brown.

Call: Wide variety of sounds, some high-pitched, trilling; other calls loud, metallic and scolding; rippling and short notes also heard.

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