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Red Lory  

Also Known As: Moluccan Red Lory, Moluccan Lory, Buru Lory (E.b. cyanonothus)

Red Lory perched

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Did You Know?
Since 1981, when this species was listed on CITES Appendix II, 99,834 individuals have been recorded in international trade, though none since 2000.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
31cm (12.1 in) 170g (6 oz)

Races including nominate:
four: E.b. bornea, E.b. rothschildi, E.b. cyanonothus, E.b.bernsteini

Colourization Adult: E.b. bornea: both adults in general bright red; primary feathers black with wide red speculum; red greater wing coverts, tipped with black; blue teriary feathers and undertail coverts; tail red/brown. Eye red. E.b. rothschildi: both adults as in bornea, but smaller in size. E.b. cyanonothus: both adults in general red plumage much darker. E.b. bernsteini: both adults as in bornea, but larger in size.

Colourization Juvenile: E.b. bornea: in general duller red; tertiary feathers greyish, lightly marked with blue; variable light tinge of blue on ear coverts; variable dull blue wash on vent and thighs; dusky blue margin on feathers of abdomen. Eye brown. E.b. rothschildi: as in adults. E.b. cyanonothus: as in adults. E.b. bernsteini: scattered blue feathers above eye; blue band from behind eye and down ear coverts to neck; narrow blue margins to feathers of throat. Eye brown.

Call: Calls are a series of short, harsh screeches. Also more musical notes.

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