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Red-necked Amazon  

Also Known As: Red-necked Parrot, Dominican Blue-faced Amazon or Parrot, Lesser Dominican Amazon or Parrot, Bouquet's Amazon or Parrot

Curious Red-necked Amazon

Credit: © Paul Reillo |

Did You Know?
The reproductivity of the Red-necked Amazon in the wild is quite low - this species probably has only one clutch every second year and usually only one young fledged per nest - which places further stress on a declining population.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
40cm (15.6 in) 620g (21.7 oz)

Races including nominate:

Colourization Adult: Both adults body colour green, the feathers of the nape, neck, and mantle edged with dusty black; purple/blue face; red foreneck; secondary feathers 1-3 red turning into yellow and tipped with purple/blue, secondary feather 4 yellow tinged with green and tipped with purple/blue, the remaining secondarie feathers green; green tail with red at base. Bill horn coloured and tipped with grey. Eye ring pale grey. Eye orange.

Colourization Juvenile: In general duller than the adults; red on foreneck minimal or absent. Eye brown.

Call: Made in flight or when perched are drawn out, two syllable notes; more high-pitched than that of the Imperial Amazon.

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