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Red-rumped Parrot  

Also Known As: Red-rumped Parakeet, Red-backed Parrot or Parakeet, Redrump, Grass Parrot, Ground Parrot, Green Leek

Red-Rumped Parakeet, male, perched

Credit: © Nora Peters |

Did You Know?
The Red-rumped Parrot feeds on seed heads by perching on the stem of a small plant until it gives way under its weight and bends to the ground, allowing the bird to pick off the seeds.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
27cm (10.5 in) 55-85g (1.9-3 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: P.h. haematonotus, P.h. caeruleus

Colourization Adult: P.h. haematonotus: male-green head, upperparts and breast; yellow abdomen; white undertail coverts; red rump. Bill black. Eye brown/grey. Female-dull olive head, upperparts and breast; green rump and upper tail coverts; white undertail coverts variably suffused with pale blue. Bill dark grey. Eye grey. P.h. caeruleus: male-green paler in general plumage, more blue; orange/red rump. Female-brown/grey head and upperparts; white abdomen to undertail coverts.

Colourization Juvenile: P.h. haematonotus: in general duller than adults. P.h. caeruleus: in general paler than juvenile haematonotus.

Call: Calls are distinctive; contact calls are shrill and whistling notes with upward inflection. Also trilling, whistling notes while perched. Shrill chatter while bickering or defending nest area.

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