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Red-spectacled Amazon  

Also Known As: Red-spectacled Parrot, Pretre's Amazon or Parrot

Wild Red-spectacled Amazon

Credit: © Luiz Claudio Marigo |

Did You Know?
This amazon produces very loud, spectacular exhibitions of acrobatics and noise when congregating for its nighttime roost. Hundreds of birds are seen grouping together.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
32cm (12.5 in) 295g (10.3 oz)

Races including nominate:

Colourization Adult: Male-all green, darker on back and wings, the feathers edged with black; red on forehead, crown to lores and around eyes; red thighs, bend of wing, carpal edge, alula, and primary coverts; tail green, tipped widely yellow/green, and outer side tail feathers with red spot at base of inner web. Bill yellow/horn. Eye ring white. Eye orange/yellow. Female-carpal edge mixed red and green/yellow; less red on bend of wing.

Colourization Juvenile: Red on head confined to forehead and lores, with scattered red feathers on green crown and around eyes; carpal edge yellow/green; less red on bend of wing; alula and thighs green. Eye pale grey.

Call: While in flight a piercing, high-pitched screech and lower hoarser notes. Also repetitive notes hee-o...hee-o.

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