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Regent Parrot  

Also Known As: Smoker, Smoker Parrot, Mallee Smoker, Rock Pebbler, Rock Peplar, Black-tailed Parrot or Parakeet, Regal Parrot, Marlock Parrot

Wild male Regent Parrot

Credit: © Susan Flashman | License: Fotolia

Did You Know?
The Regent (or Rock Pebblar) Parrot will occasionally breed in holes in the ground in vertical riverbanks.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
40cm (15.6 in) 150-206g (5.25-7.2 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: P.a. anthopeplus, P.a. westralis

Colourization Adult: P.a. anthopeplus: male- bright yellow head, underparts and rump; dusky olive mantle and upper back; dusky olive inner scapulars washed variously with black; black outer scapulars and tertial feathers; lower tertials washed with red; yellow patch on folded wing; red inner secondary coverts tipped with yellow; black tail, tipped finely on undersides of side tail feathers with yellow/white. Bill orange/red. Eye orange. Female-yellow/olive head and underparts; dull yellow wing patch; wing patch smaller in size; lower tertials and inner secondary coverts pink/red; upper tail dull olive, the side tail feathers widely tipped and margined with red/pink on inner webs. Eye brown/orange. P.a. westralis: male-differs from anthopeplus in that head and underparts are duller olive/yellow. Female-as in anthopeplus, but more olive, less yellow on head and underparts; less dull yellow on lesser and median wing coverts.

Colourization Juvenile: P.a. anthopeplus: as in adult female. Bill orange/yellow. Eye dark brown.

Call: Contact call is described as prolonged and rolling; harsher than call of Superb Parrot. Also emits a quiet twittering after landing. Feeds in silence.

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