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Ruppell's Parrot  

Also Known As: Brown Parrot, Damara Parrot

Ruppell’s Parrot (Poicephalus rueppellii) perched on pine branch

Credit: © Jonker/Innemee Araproject |

Did You Know?
Even though the Ruppell's numbers are at only around 9000 it is not reported as at risk.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
22cm (8.6 in) 105-132g (3.7-4.6 oz)

Races including nominate:

Colourization Adult: Male- in general slate/brown colour; silver/grey ear coverts; dull blue suffusion on brown rump and undertail coverts; yellow bend of wing, lesser wing coverts and underwing coverts; yellow thighs tinted with orange. Bill grey/black. Bare cere and eye ring grey/black. Eye orange/red. Female- deep blue on lower back to upper tail coverts; duller blue on lower abdomen to undertail coverts.

Colourization Juvenile: As in female but duller plumage; rump and uppertail coverts paler; lower abdomen to undertail coverts brown washed with dull blue; brown thighs and lesser wing coverts. Bill horn coloured. Cere and eye ring paler grey. Eye brown.

Call: Monotonous, quick and sharp notes. Alarm calls shrieks increasing in pitch. Quieter than other Poicephalus.

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