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Tui Parakeet  

Also Known As: Santarem Parakeet

Tui Parakeet feeding

Credit: © Luiz Claudio Marigo |

Did You Know?
The Tui Parakeet, along with other Brotogeris species, is an arboreal termitarium nester. This means it nests in termite mounds in trees.

Species Profile


Size: Adult Weight:
17cm (6.6 in) 58g (2 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: B.s. sanctithomae, B.s. takatsukasae

Colourization Adult: B.s. sanctithomae: both adults in general yellow/green; yellow forehead, lores and forecrown. Bill dark orange/brown. Eye ring bare and pale grey. Eye yellow. B.s. takatsukasae: both adults as in sanctithomae, but with yellow streak behind eye to ear coverts.

Colourization Juvenile: B.s. sanctithomae: as in adults, but with darker brown bill. Eye dark grey.

Call: Calls made in flight are rapid and repetitious screeking. Chatter of entire flock is reminiscent of Budgerigars.

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