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Budgerigar  (Melopsittacus undulatus)

Also Known As: Shell Parakeet, Budgerygah

Wild Budgerigar male

Credit: © Ian Montgomery |

Did You Know?
Budgerigars are highly nomadic, with local numbers fluctuating widely with climatic conditions.

Status in the Wild
World Population:
Around 5,000,000

Range: Widely distributed throughout the interior of Australia, but rare in eastern coastal districts and the extreme south west. Introduced in Florida and now number 3000 there.

Found in a wide range of areas in arid interior of Australia, also semi arid and subhumid parts. Some seasonal movements; northward during winter. Found in spinifex, dry mallee and mulga scrub, riverine woodland and farmland.

Threat Summary:
Only threat seems to be that large numbers die during drought periods, however, reproductive rate easily makes up for this; have been helped in some areas by introduction of watering for agriculture.

IUCN Rating:
Least Concern

Wild Diet:
Ground feeders, taking grass seeds and seeds of crop plants.

CITES Rating:
Not available

Gather in large numbers, nest communally, are frequently found at watering holes in large groups; most active during day.

Clutch and Egg Size:
4 to 8, rounded eggs, 19 x 14mm (0.7 x 0.5 in)

Breeding Season:
Can take place at any time of year, with pairs capable of producing more than one clutch; nest communally.

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