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Pacific Parrotlet  (Forpus coelestis)

Also Known As: Celestial Parrotlet, Lesson's Parrotlet

Pacific Parrotlet perched

Credit: © Glenn Bartley

Did You Know?
The parrotlets are the smallest parrots in the world, by weight and by size.

Status in the Wild
World Population:
Not recorded

Range: Found on the Pacific slopes of Andes from Borbon, Esmeraldas, NW Ecuador, south to Trujillo, La Libertad, and the upper Rio Maranon valley, NW Peru; possibly southern Narino, SW Colombia and Bagua area, Rios Maranon, and Utcumbamba valleys, NW Peru.

Seen up to 800m (2624 ft) in dry wooded areas such as thorny scrub, deciduous forest, dense cactus scrub with balsa trees, banana and mango plantations, riparian vegetation, irrigated fields and gardens; also reported seen in coastal mangroves.

Threat Summary:
No threats at present.

IUCN Rating:
Least concern

Wild Diet:
Feeds on grass seeds, berries, fruits and cactus fruits.

CITES Rating:
Appendix II

Nests in tree cavities, cactus, fence-post holes or vacated nests of other species of birds. Will sometimes raise second clutch of young. Forages for food in vegetation and on the ground.

Clutch and Egg Size:
4-6 ovate eggs, 19.5 x 16.0mm (0.7 x 0.6 in)

Breeding Season:

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