Patagonian Conure looking for a new home, Middlesex, UK area
Posted: 13 April 2011 08:39 AM   [ Ignore ]
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There is a Patagonian Conure looking for a new home.  At the moment he is in the Middlesex, UK area. 
He is called Baldrick, age unknown.  He is a hand reared bird that does not know how to get on with other birds.  He had been sent to a small animal park which had only one other bird - another Patagonian Conure in an outdoor aviary.  He did not do well at all and has plucked out most of his feathers.  He loves people, especially males and is eager and desperate for some interaction and training.  We don’t know if he can fly.  His diet is good and varied. He can be hand fearful, but usually with females.  Typically he can be quite vocal around 6am in the morning.
If you might be interested in taking in this lovely chap, please could you contact Karen at WPT UK (01736 751026) and we can put you in contact direct with the people who are looking after him.
Thank you for your consideration.