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Hello everyone , my name is melanie and I live in the Algarve in Portugal with Neill and my small flock of parrots they really are my family and I am devoted and dedicated to their needs. I have greenwing macaw her name is connie she broke her spine when she was very young so we bought her so she had special care she is still a baby , Our cockatoo is adorable and we went to the Uk to rehome him and bought him back to Portugal, He is an umbrella cockatoo and is called Brolly. Einstein ,My blue and gold i bought here when I first came here .I lost my first grey here he escaped and i was completley devastated , this was the reason i wanted to help parrots that needed a good home . we rescued 2 greys and 2 nandy conures recently we lost a grey due to old age she was 47 years old! All our birds live together in a very large avairy with lots of enrichment in their lives we have a great climate for outdoors but they come in with us in the evenings for cuddles they are so lucky but not as lucky as me! We have lots of trees but the birds love the orange and lemon trees that we grow,they love to chew them . We decided to make perches out of the orange tree branches and sell them to other parrot owners it would be difficult for parrots living in the UK to have all the advantages of the natural orange and lemon branches so we set up a website please feel free to have a look and see our birds we donate some of the money we make to safehaven parrots and we are members of the world parrot trust and would like to make a donation to them at the end of the year . I hope you like our perches for sure your birds will! regards melanie You can click on the link to see the site or see us on ebay.

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