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My name is Jacqueline from the Netherlands and 28 years old.
Owner of 30 budgies (20 bush-budgies) , 5 kinds of Australian parakeets in a large aviary.
Loving my African Grey Charlie and looking forward to my new Senegal Parrot baby. Volunteering in the first birdpark
of the Netherlands where I give guided tours and help with other activities.
Besides all the birds I live together with my boyfriend and 2 guinea pigs. I love to travel abroad and explore other
Photography is also one of my hobbies. You can see my work at:
I’m also working on a dairy for my Senegal Parrot and a Dutch information website for Bush-Budgies. My favourite parakeet.

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Welcome, Jacqueline.

Your birds must keep you pretty busy! Your photographs are wonderful, I will post your web site on the WPT Facebook page.


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