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Thief after $17,500 chicken makes fowl mistake
August 27, 2007  
HE was hunting for a bird. Not just any bird, but a very valuable show chicken.
And the thief entered the compound of a house in Pasir Puteh, Kelantan, hunting for his quarry, he spotted an Ayam Serama otherwise known as a Malaysian Serama, and grabbed it.

On Wednesday morning, Mr Ahmad Tarmizi Mohd Amin, 42, came out at about 8am to feed his birds, and discovered the loss, reported Harian Metro.

Mr Ahmad has about 60 birds, and the thief had grabbed the wrong bird.

The chicken he had his eye on is worth RM40,000 ($17,500). And Mr Ahmad was well aware that his valuable pet could be the target of thieves.

That’s why he didn’t let his precious pet roam free.

Mr Ahmad told Harian Metro: ‘Luckily, I had put that particular chicken in the house. If not, that bird, worth RM40,000 would have been stolen.’

The chicken, named Padangku, is safe and sound.

And what of the bird victim of mistaken identity?

That bird is also safely back home.

When the thief discovered he had birdnapped the wrong chick, he returned it, with a little note that was slipped into a crevice on the outside of the chicken coop.

The note, in Malay, read: ‘I apologise for stealing the wrong chicken. I was supposed to steal the other chicken.’

That other chicken, juicy target of the thief, is due to take part in the Asean Serama chicken competition held in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and 50 years of Independence celebrations in Kota Baru on 1 Sep.

Mr Ahmad said he will be fielding six birds, including Padangku, in the competition.

Prizes worth RM22,000 are up for grabs at the competition.

Malaysian Seramas are said to be the lightest bantam chickens in the world. This breed is native to Malaysia and is characterised by vertical tail feathers, near-vertical wings, full breast, and short legs.


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