Fiji: Man who captured Shining Parrots arrested
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This is about a sub species of the Red Shining Parrot see:

Police and an Agricultural Officer on Kadavu have seized a parrot from a village in Southern Kadavu believed to have been bought by a resort owner nearby.

Interim Environment Minister Bernadette Rounds Ganilau said acting station officer Corporal Jonacani Tukuca had informed her that a villager had captured the parrot at the request of a resort owner nearby.

The parrots of Kadavu Crimson Shining Parrot or Prosopeia splendens are listed under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES as an endangered species.  People threatening these species are liable to be charged under the Birds and Game Act which has a $5000 fine or 2 years imprisonment.

The Director of Environment Epeli Nasome directed the Agriculture department and other departments to alert them of the situation which was raised by tourist Neil Wing who stayed at the resort near the village.  Mr Wing said the resort owner bragged how he paid the villager to catch two parrots for him to keep in the hotel.  “We were very pleased to note that a policeman and a Technical officer Agriculture (3131 Constable Bola/Seremaia Namanuloa) visited the resort on southern Kadavu on the August 25 and confiscated one of the two parrots reported,” she said.

“I am told that the other parrot has now died.  The parrot is now under the care of the Agricultural Technical Officer. 

“In a telephone conversation with my Ministry today, Corporal Jonacani Tukuca of the Polcie Station in Kadavu informed us that the villager captured the Kadavu parrots and sold it to the owner of the Resort.  “It has been rumoured that the Resort manager had requested this from the villager.  “The villager was not aware that this was wrong to exchange the Kadavu parrots for money.  “It has been known to happen quite a number of times in the past with this particular resort owner.

“Investigations are continuing and we will be updated next week.”


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I certainly hope they can talk with the villager, ascertain where he caught the parrot, and promptly take the bird back to that area and turn it loose. Would hate to think it becomes just another rare parrot in a cage somewhere. cool smile  cool smile  cool smile