Cotorra de la Hispaniola al borde de la extinción
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Santo Domingo.  Hace unos años, mientras daba una charla sobre nuestra cotorra endémica (Amazona ventralis), en una escuela secundaria, para que los estudiantes comprendieran la crueldad que significa criarlas como mascotas, usé este símil: Imaginen que llega a nuestro planeta una nave con extraterrestres y estos deciden capturar niños para criarlos en su planeta, porque son inteligentes, cariñosos y hablan, no sin antes cortarles una pierna para que no escapen. Ese es el equivalente a cortarle las alas a un ave de largo vuelo como la cotorra. No había terminado la frase cuando una de las estudiantes estalló en llanto. Otra niña me explicó la reacción de su amiguita: “Profe, es que ella tiene una cotorra en su casa”; a lo que la aludida respondió, todavía arrasada en lágrimas, “Es que yo no sabía, yo no sabía. Pero yo la quiero y la cuido mucho”.


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I can see that this is about Amazona ventralis, see:

also that it doesn’t look like good news, but can anyone out there do a translation for non spanish readers?

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As my Spanish is non-existent, I often rely on the following to translate blocks of text.

The translation is not good but will give an idea of the information that is being posted. Perhaps one of our Spanish visitors will translate this soon.




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Translation: A few years ago, while giving a talk about our endemic parrot, Amazona ventralis, in a secondary school, so that the students would understand the cruelty of raising parrot chicks for pets, I used this similie: Imagine that a space ship with extra-terrestrials arrives on our planet and they decide to capture children to raise them on their planet, because the children are intelligent, affectionate, and can speak. They cut off their leg so that they can’t escape. That is the equivalent to cutying the wings of a bird who typically has long flight. like the parrot.  The phrase had not yet been finished when one of the students exploded in tears. Another girl explained the reaction of her little friend: “Teacher,  she has one parrot in her house” to which the other one responded, still devastated in tears, “This I did not know, I did not know. But I love and care for it very much “


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