Cockatiel Squabbles!!!
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I adopted four wonderful little cockatiels from Phoenix Landing.  The four I adopted are in a large flight type cage. (they were in a large flight prior to my adopting them with several other birds)  The existing cockatiel I had prior is in another large cage.  I wanted them to get to know each other slowly and figure out on their own “who likes who.”

The two white faces in particular seem to go after the other birds with nipping and “beaking”——I’ve never seen any serious things happening—-but I’m sure if they can draw my blood—-they CAN hurt each other.

The little cinnamon seems to like my little gray cockatiel—so that is going well.  Should I separate the others into different cages to prevent these little “arguments” or do you feel (unless there is a real war) it is better for them to work out their own “pecking order?”

The little white/yellow one is disabled but certainly is not afraid of taking care of himself!  He’ll bite the others if needed to show “he’s no push-over.”  He’s by far the best singer/whistler and seems to fly “ok” and for a reasonable distance.

I have plenty of cages so if I need to separate them, it is “do-able!”  We were planning on building an “indoor flight” for them this winter.

How do you handle these types of squabbles?



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i believe that it is realy important for the birds to “hold their own” and astablish a pecing order between themselves. If you seperate them now itcould result in a despressed bird! Noone wants that. If you see that your bird are seriuosly injuring each other though you should seperate them.