Birding in Papua New Guinea
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If you are batty about birds, PNG is the place to be! Over 700 species of feathered fliers flutter across our island including 38 of the 43 known species of the exotic Bird of Paradise. There are numerous other birds of distinction including the cassowary which stands 1.8 metres high and can weigh up to 59kg and the Crowned Pigeon which is the size of a turkey. Parrots of kaleidoscopic colours dot our towering trees.

Bird life proliferates in the forests of Papua New Guinea, including the many species of the famous Bird of Paradise. These brilliantly coloured birds perform bizarre ritualistic and mating dances, and were hunted by early traders for their feathers.

A great percentage of Papua New Guinea’s land mass is covered with a dense blanket of rain forest-an exotic tangle of vines, creepers, flowers, plants and trees. Wild orchids blaze from the green background of rain forest canopy. Papua New Guinea has a greater number of orchid species than any country in the world.

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