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I have a 17 year old rescue Congo African Grey. I have had her 3 years.
She had always been clipped from a youngster and was kept in a round cage??? Many times I have seen her in the garden of the owners house on a bird table left on her own out there and obviously frightened.
She now has a large square cage and has never been clipped since I have had her. She now can fly but as yet cannot change direction.
She [I do not know the sex so call her she rather than it] has an obccession with the floor and constanty flew down there. I have three dogs so that is a no no.
Anyway I had more or less got on top of this and she would be out about an hour before flying down and we had a bit going back to the cage for a minute or so before letting her out again. Do you think the floor thing is because of her being left in the garden and she feels the floor maybe a safe place?
But suddenly she is back to the floor flying again and after two lots of being put back on her tree the third time I put her back in her cage for a minute or so. Now I understand she doesn’t want to go back, but she has bitten me a couple of times the last time really badly. So now I put a tea towel around my hand. Also when playing with her she sort of goes to step up but only touches my hand and then does it with the other hand with her wings down. I am now getting given gift of reguritated [s] food. Do you think this thing is mating behaviour ?
My other CAG is 7 years old and I have had her from 16 weeks. She has never been clipped and is nearly the perfect bird. She plays on her tree and when she flies around usually goes to her tree or to her cage. If somewhere I don’t want her to be I will ask her to go back to either and she does, consquently she is out of her cage the minute I get in and is out sometimes 8 hours a day, as I don’t work. I wish I could do the same with Coco. When they are on the tree together they more or less ingnore each other. So I assume they are the same sex, whatever that is.
I have trained Indiana with the clicker and would like to do the same with Coco, but I have only just got her to take a treat from inside the cage. Outside she just isn’t interested. I have tried rewarding with scratches, but as soon as she is prasied and I walk away she is to the floor.
So I really have two problems…the floor…and this dancing and getting nasty when I put her back. I have had the odd nip from both, probably all my fault. But this last one had two deep bites and the whole of the back of my hand bruised.
I am at a loss, I love her dearly, she isn’t going anywhere. I would love her to be out all the time like the other one. But she also has a dislike of my husband and has attacked his face quite badly a year or so ago. So I have to be careful when he is home and of course with this floor flying I cannot move out of the room as she will chew anything including the dogs. So she is out about an hour a day now. Which is nowhere near enough.
Sorry this is so long. I have asked the experts but not had a reply, so now I hope I can get some help from all of you.