Watch Parrots to Help Parrots, in Five Easy Steps
Posted: 30 June 2008 10:27 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Dear WPT Members and Supporters,

A few months ago, the World Parrot Trust started a channel on YouTube as a way of making some of our video content available to a worldwide audience.  We haven’t really started to promote that site, but it has already been well received by the YouTube community - surprise, surprise, everyone likes parrots.  About 300-500 people visit each day and we’re just clicking over 30,000 views to date which we’re quite happy about.

The great thing about YouTube is that anyone can have fun watching parrots being the beautiful and brilliant beasts that they are, and by doing so they help raise our profile as an organization and help drive traffic to as well.  Please take a few minutes in the coming days to visit us on YouTube and have fun checking out all the parrot videos we’ve put up there.

BUT ... there’s always a but ... while you’re there, please also take a few seconds to make your visit really count ... here’s how:

1. Sign up to YouTube which takes seconds ... you don’t need to use your real name and they ask very little of you to sign up.  Just go to and click on “Sign Up” at the top of the page, it really does just take a few seconds.

2. Once you’re registered and logged in, then you can start viewing videos and have your viewing really count.  Start here where you’ll find about 55 parrot videos ... click on any of those to watch and enjoy.

3. OK, now here’s where your visit really begins to count and help parrots ... when you’re watching a video (and you’re logged in) you can rate what you’re watching by clicking on the red stars - please be honest as we need to know what you like and don’t like.  You can comment on what you’re seeing, ask questions, respond to other comments, etc..  You can also click on the “favorite” tab to add that video to your list of favorites.  Here’s the important part, every time you do any of these things, you help the Trust by making us and our videos more prominent on YouTube and on the web in general.

If you get really serious, you can create your own playlist and add our videos to that, and then you can share your enthusiasm for a given video by clicking on one of those buttons which are popping up everywhere on the web (myspace, facebook, digg, etc).

4. Tell a friend, or better yet, tell ten friends.  We can only get the message out to so many people, but all of you who have received this message surely know ten other people who would enjoy watching parrot videos, right?  A message from you means a lot and will really help drive lots of traffic and enthusiasm for our work ... and the good thing is, it’s all good fun for a good cause and there is no money, letter writing, or any other activities like that ... just watching parrots, nothing but pleasure.

5. Tell us what you think about all this - either by commenting on videos, commenting on our channel, or sending us emails about what you’re seeing, what you wish you could see, etc.  In the coming months and years, we’re hoping to put up all sorts of new and different parrot related stuff here, maybe including member videos, etc.. So, we’re more than open to suggestions and we love to get feedback.

All best wishes,



Jamie Gilardi
World Parrot Trust