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So I have experience with birds and most specifically cockatiels. I have developed a little plan to try and get my cockatiel to only poop in its cage. But before i explain that let me tell you a little bit about Chico. So as you all know, birds have a twitch or some sort of sign before they let “it” fly, but not Chico, he pops em out like nuts with no warning whatsoever. What i have comprimised is ill take him out (he is new, about 2-3 months old) of his cage and feed him millet spray while we hang out, as soon as he poops i bring him back into the cage and stop feeding him millet, i may come back in about 20 minutes and repeat. The main idea is that he stops getting millet and freedom to explore my house the second he poops in it, but he gets no punishment for pooping in his cage. Would anybody agree with this method or add comments and ideas onto it please?

Thanks! Josh

P.S. I can’t really do the whole, make him poop in his cage only by watching his warnings and holding him over the cage because he has no warnings and no interval between each dropping.

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